Installation Instructions

Determine if ear noise reduction muffs will fit in your helmet

Ear muff depth including air bladder situated between ear muff and inside of helmet shell is 38 mm (1 1/2 “).

You must check the depth of your padding on the sides of your helmet you intend to modify. Make sure you have 38mm or 1 1/2″ of side padding depth on sides of helmet or more. Picture below of helmet interior shows depth close to 2″. This helmet is a good candidate for Quiet Ride Ear Noise Reduction Kit.

If your helmet side padding is to narrow and Quiet Ride Ear Noise Reduction muffs will not fit inside your helmet, your only alternative is to purchase a Quiet Ride Helmet model that is designed to accept ear noise reduction muffs and comes with the ear noise reduction muffs installed along with air lines, air bladders, and air pump installed. Go to Quiet Ride Helmet website.