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Right side ear muff installed in helmet
View of right side ear muff installed in helmet
Intercom installed on left side of helmet
Intercom installed on left side of helmet showing boom to microphone

Testimonials & Reviews


I received my package of Quiet Ride Ear Muffs this afternoon and immediately went to work installing them in my Bell Qualifier helmet. Installation took about 30 minutes and I suited up for a test ride.

I’ve been riding motorcycles for about 40 years and normally wear foam earplugs for noise and wind protection.

The biggest issue I have is engine reverberation into the full face helmet while riding my Harley Road Glide.

I went for a 30 minute ride and the difference was immediate! The Quiet Ride Ear Muffs greatly attenuated the engine noise from my Road Glide. For comparison, I stopped and switched into another helmet and rode some more. The difference is very impressive.

I love the product!

Thank you sincerely,

Don Pierro
Emerson, NJ
January 26, 2022


I just finished installing my muffs and was amazed again. About two years ago I was doing a long distance ride on my motorcycle and have always enjoyed my music while riding. The person I was riding with asked if I wear earplugs and I said no. So the conversation went on and for the rest of the day, I used earplugs. Let me share with you I have spent over nine years in the Navy working in the boiler and engine rooms on board these ships for long hours. They had ear plugs which I would use but they would irritate my ear canal. Then I started using ear muffs. Post Navy I have been employed by Petro Chemical Companies for many years in addition to racing motorcycles. Back to my long distance ride, I was very impressed with noise reduction with earplugs however after several applications of the plugs my ears became very sore. I started to do some research and found Quiet Muffs.


Very skeptical I finally ordered my muffs. I installed them in an open face HJC helmet with lots of concern and question. Several adjustments later I was extremely happy with the silence of noise. To enjoy my music before required me to raise the volume to 16 or better to hear and almost 25 to enjoy listening. Now I can hear the noise at 1 and enjoy listening at about 10. Now I am planning a trip to Alaska and needed a new helmet so I spent some money for an Arai. Nice helmet got it out for a test ride and my disappointment was overwhelming. I knew what I had to do and started the transfer of ear muffs to the new helmet. I am now again an extremely satisfied customer and highly recommend this product. Be patient and take your time installing and fitting to your helmet and your head. Thanks for a great product.

April 19th, 2018

Hi Al:
Received ear muff kit & installed into my Neotec, absolutely brilliant!. I now have plenty of volume from my Sena SM10R headset and don’t have to alter the volume whether I’m riding at 10mph or 100mph. Now the wife wants a set!, so I’ve just placed another order.
Great work Al, many thanks.

Steve Farenden
Melbourne, Australia
February 12th 2017

I’ve been looking for a solution like this for quite a while. I installed the ear muffs in my Shoei Neotec and I immediately discovered a new level of quiet. I like this system so much that I just ordered another pair of QR Ear Muffs and will install them in my wife’s helmet. Thank you for a great product.

Terry Kleeblatt Sr.
Covington, GA
October 6th, 2016

Quiet Ride Ear Muff Kit

I recently purchased the Quiet Ride Ear Muff Kit and wanted to thank you for the amazing product. Works perfectly, and for my situation, has allowed me to continue riding.


I have a long and extensive history of problems with both of my ears (multiple surgeries, hospitalizations, etc.). About three weeks before I placed my order, I was nearly hospitalized by my ENT for an ear infection. We discussed possible causes, and narrowed the culprit down to the custom ear plugs I had purchased. They just went too far in. My ENT gave explained to me that while I have the same risks as everyone else when it comes to ear infections, for me, the consequences of those risks are much worse than for most people. I know the kind of hearing damage that can occur over time without the use of earplugs, and I started to think that if I couldn’t use them, I’d have to pick between my health or riding motorcycles. Then I found your product.


Your ear muff kit is exactly what I needed – hearing protection that didn’t go in the ear. I couldn’t be more pleased with the product. In fact, I am considering purchasing one of your helmets with the system pre-installed (I didn’t do the best job of installing it on my Bell Vortex).


I had a few questions:

  1. Are the full face helmets compatible with any aftermarket face shields? I would be interested in using something tinted.
    I do not have a tinted windshield option at the moment, but it is easy to slip in sun glass arms over ears in Quiet Ride Helmets before applying air pressure to air bladders that force ear muffs to seal around ears. 

  2. Can I select where the air pump goes (does it have to be on the left side of the chin)?
    Yes, the left side is the most convenient exterior location for pump air.  Pumping air or pushing  pressure releasing valve is best done with left hand with right hand on throttle maintaining steady speed in highway traffic.  I tried putting pump in chin pad, but it was cumbersome and inefficient to use at highway speeds. 

  3. If I purchase a helmet, and it does not fit, may I exchange it for one that does?
    Yes, send it back right away and I will send you a different size.

Thank you again for making the Quiet Ride system. I cannot express how much having them means to me. I don’t have to choose between health and riding anymore!


Daniel Huang
San Diego, CA
March 19th, 2015

Quiet Ride Ear Muff Kit - Ride: 2012 GSX Ski-Doo

I put a modified after market muffler on my GSX Ski-Doo for more power, but the additional noise gave me a headache after riding for an hour.  I installed Quiet Ride Ear Muffs in my Ski-Doo Modular 2 helmet and I can now ride in relative quiet.   I installed good helmet speakers in the ear muffs for music and plug them into my iphone.  Music sounds good at speeds over 60 mph without raising volume.

Pat Dolz
Bemidji, Minnesota
January 15th, 2015

Betty from North Carolina

I am a first year rider. My sweet heart put Quiet Ride Ear Muffs in my full face helmet with helmet speakers in the ear muffs connected to intercom with FM. He has the same setup in his helmet. Motorcycle and wind noise is very quiet wearing ear muffs in helmet. Makes communicate with him much easier. Country music sounds great while riding with helmet speakers inside ear noise reduction muffs in helmet.

Bob from Wisconsin

I put on 150 to 200 miles a day on trails when I ride. I have had Quiet Ride Ear Muffs in my favorite old full face helmet for two years. No more problem with ears ringing after many hours of riding. I will not ride without using my helmet with Quiet Ride ear noise reduction muffs.

Quiet Ride Helmet Reviews from our sister website

Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet - Rides: 2007 Honda 600cc Silver Wing, a 1989 Honda pc 800 Pacific Coast and a Honda Reflex 250cc

Has owned many other motorcycles and ridden for over 50 years. I don’t usually do reviews but this was such an outstanding product that I felt I should spread the word. The Quiet Ride Helmet uses an inflatable bladder placed behind a set of ear-muffs mounted in the helmet. It has an easily accessed small pump mounted on front of helmet which lets you add or remove however much air you feel works best. More air gives a tighter fit around your ears and less noise – less air the opposite. I found just a small amount ie; 5-6 pumps was plenty – if you pump as you are riding you can easily detect the sound change. To my knowledge there is nothing else out there that can compare to the sound reduction you get from this helmet. It is so much better than a standard full face it is hard to believe. Sizing seems the same as HJC standard sizes -although initially you might think it is tighter because of sliding past the ear muffs but once on it is fine. Even with no air it is probably quieter than most and once you pump a little air in you will be a believer.


I have used several types of earplugs in the past and this helmet is quieter and much more comfortable than using ear plugs.


I did not test speakers as I don’t listen to music when I ride and cable from back liner of helmet is easily removed so I did that and just left speakers in place in muffs -you don’t even know they are there.


Helmet paint and finish is nice and it is pretty light and comfortable.


I usually ride behind windshield (3 different bikes) and use helmet w/o shield -which is easily removable- and wear sunglasses which also fit fine w/earmuffs. Engine noise behind shield was my biggest issue with other helmets and now it’s no problem at all -I can basically tune out as much engine noise as I want by pumping in more or less air.


Finally, the owner Al is very responsive and nice to deal with which is a big plus -if you have any issues he is known to take care of them. You really can’t go wrong with this helmet, try it – you will like it!


Bob Cushing
Cazenovia NY.
July 31st 2015

Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet - Rides: 2004 Harley Dyna Super Glide

I have a slight case of tendinitis and I became worried about additional hearing damage due to my long road trips on my Harley Super Glide. I bought construction ear muffs; cut off the ear rings installed them into my BLT modular Helmet. Trouble was, I could not get the helmet on over my ears. Never thought about an air bladder. Once I saw the Quiet Ride Helmet, I immediately ordered the carbon fiber model. What a joy now to ride in relative quiet, enjoying my tunes as I go. I highly recommend this helmet to anyone wishing to preserve their hearing while enjoying a good ride. Good job Quiet Ride Helmet.

Steve Cottrell
Royal Palm Beach, FL
July 24th 2015

Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet - Rides: 2012 Yamaha V-Star 950

I have been able to take two long rides with the full face quiet ride helmet. It works very well to reduce noise. So I have no problem hearing my music or any intercom communication with my GPS and with other riders, even at highway speeds. You will always have some kind of noise from wind hitting your helmet especially at high speeds, you will not get rid of all of that. But, it’s not whistling in your ear and that’s what counts. I have emailed the company several times and have talked to them on the phone before and after my purchase they have always treated me with the up most respect. I talked to them about some day coming out with a helmet with the flip down dark shield that is great for those that wear glasses. Keep up the good work.

Thomas Derstine
Newton, Kansas
July 18th, 2015

Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet - Rides: 2006 Honda VFR 800

I stumbled onto the quiet ride webpage from a motorcycling forum, I thought the idea was smart enough, but implementation sounded tricky. Plus, buying the helmet (as opposed to just the system) meant essentially buying an unheard of manufacturer helmet. While the helmet is obviously DOT rated, I had doubts about if the helmet would get the basics right. That is the basic design issues that helmet manufacturers have ironed out over decades of making helmets. These were my reservations before shelling out $300.00s for this helmet.


A little bit about myself, I’ve been riding motorcycles for about 13 years now and have owned several helmets. Most of them were AGV or Shoei and typically in the $300-$400 range. I also am primarily (these days) a sport touring rider with some commuting thrown in. I am also sensitive to a lot of pressure on my ears for extended periods of time, which means by the end of a lot riding day, my ears are screaming for relief.


Onto the product itself, the helmet was delivered as promised. The fit and finish were of a very good quality. It was on par with any helmet I’ve bought from major manufacturers. It came with the cable attachment for a 3.5mm audio jack. The size ran true for a Shoei or Scorpion helmet. Putting the helmet on did fold up my ears, but then again so has every other helmet. Once you adjust your ears into the “headphones” it gets very comfortable. At this point, without using the air pump, the noise level felt similar to having a regular set of over-the-ear headphones on. I felt a little discomfort from the air pressure this causes, but I got used to the feeling pretty quickly. The sound dampening even at this point is serious enough that you will have trouble hearing people not talking loudly enough.


Once you get riding, you immediately notice how much quieter it is. It is very similar to riding with ear plugs. In fact, I found the usage of the air pump to create a “seal” not particularly necessary until I got going a bit faster. At about 80mph on the freeway, I definitely needed to create the seal. I also wear glasses and the helmet worked better than I could’ve hoped for with them on. The cushion just sealed around the glasses with no additional pressure applied on my temple. I am just coming off a 5day 2,000mile ride for the 4th of July week and the helmet was exemplary. The speakers could’ve been better, but did a satisfactory job. The biggest cons I could think of are these. First, the strap was a little long and made a flapping noise at times. I fixed this with a rubber band lying around at home. Second, the way the strap and speakers are mounted they tended to make some of the side cushioning loose when you take the helmet on and off repeatedly as you do on a long trip. This was fixed by shoving the cushion back into its place. I had to think hard to come up with those “issues”.


Overall, this helmet works great. It makes riding at 80mph sound like riding at 30mph. The biggest complement I can give it though, I put on my old helmet for a short ride, and almost immediately thought, ‘WOW, it is loud in here’. The icing on the cake was that the creator of the helmet, Al, was great to work with. He answered all my questions very patiently and made me comfortable ordering this helmet online without having tried it on. It is seriously one of the best solutions I’ve seen out there for helmet speakers.

Ram Chandrasekaran
Ann Arbor, Michigan
July,14th 2015

Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet - Rides: Honda 2012 gl1800, 2001 Kawasaki Zrx1200r

I have been trying for years to find a full face helmet that fit and didn’t pinch or scrunch. I have tried on many different brands and styles to no avail. Two weeks ago my husband bought a new helmet from Rays Sport and Cycle and said “Honey, you should try on my new helmet and see if you like it”. I just kind of ignored him because helmets haven’t been a joy for me to try on. One day he was leaving for work and I said “okay….I’ll try it on”. No kidding, from the very first second I knew we had a winner. It was comfy, not squishy and when I pumped it up it fit even better. His very next day off I had a new helmet too!!! It has been great for wind and sound reduction. I have always enjoyed riding and now it is even better!!

Christina Casper
Grand Rapids, MN
July 8th, 2015

Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet - Ride: Honda Rebel 250

Fit for my large carbon fiber helmet was good, and the crown and cheek pads are removable for cleaning. The ventilation system proved very effective when cooling airflow was desire. This is the quietest helmet I have ever tested. easily removable face shield performed very well. The chin bar vent was quite effective. It’s easily the lightest helmet I have ever had, and lightness is a major factor in day-long comfort. Its lack of weight, while nevertheless meeting the tough DOT standard. With its lightness, comfortable interior, quiet operation, easy shield changing and effective venting, The carbon fiber quiet ride helmet after a 100 mile ride offered a lot of function with plenty of ear protection. A very satisfied customer. Thank you Quiet Ride for helping me protect my hearing while enjoying my motorcycle.

Jenna Mendoza
Hesperia, California
July 6th 2015

Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet - Rides: Honda 2012 gl1800, 2001 Kawasaki Zrx1200r, 1978 Yamaha XS650, 1975 Honda 500c, 1975 Honda 500t, 2008 Yamaha TTR-230, 1997 Fantic Section 250, and 2013 Yamaha TTR 110

I have had my quiet ride helmet one day and all ready I know, this is the quietest helmet I have ever owned. I really like the quick release chin strap. Everything felt comfortable right from the get go. I ride many types of motorcycles and this will be my go to helmet for all of them. I will be buying another for my wife. I highly recommend a quiet ride helmet.


Ken Vaudrin
Grand Rapids, Minnesota
June 26th, 2015

"Exceeded expectations"

I am a retired sailor with poor hearing. With my Bell Max 9 3/4 helmet I found myself turning the volume up on my headset. Then I would slow down and volume was too high, to the point it hurt my ears.


So, to the Internet I go to research a quiet helmet. For some reason the Quiet Ride Helmet was not a part of my first search. I noticed that helmets advertising themselves as quiet were expensive so I searched some more and find the Quiet Ride and it seems too good to be true. The more I read the better it sounded. I did have a concern about sizing a helmet without trying it on first. I sent the company an email explaining I seem to be between sizes because of the shape of my head. The reply was immediate and I was assured that if it did not fit they would send me a return label and exchange it. So, I ordered. 


The helmet arrives and I hit the road. WOW! The darn thing really is quiet. I expected a reduction in the noise level, but nothing as good as this. I was listening to Old Time Radio shows on my iPod with the volume set the same as if I was sitting in my house AND I heard every word.


Just as I feared, I picked the wrong size. True to their word the company immediately sent out a replacement helmet. Here we are at the bottom line. The product works better than advertised, the company was responsive to my concerns, and they delivered. 


Dale Walker
Petoskey, Michigan
June 19th 2015

Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet - Rides: Honda ST1100, Suzuki V-Strom 650, Vespa 250, and Suzuki GS1150

Within a few years all motorcycle helmets will incorporate some version of Al Halfaker’s Quiet Ride Helmet. Why not? The Quiet Ride Helmet quiets the ride.


The Quiet Ride has first class fit and finish, as good or better than any of my more expensive helmets. The full face Carbon Fiber is a great looking, well-built helmet. Exterior is shiny black carbon. Interior is plush. Air ventilation is good; could be improved. The strap is one of the best I’ve encountered. It’s very lightweight for a full face helmet.


But the reason the Quiet Ride is head and shoulders above the competition is the noise reduction system built into the helmet. I have been riding for thirty-nine years. Sport bikes and sport touring bikes mostly. Noise, especially wind buffeting, has always been a major headache. I would estimate the Quiet Ride eliminates 50-75% of wind buffeting. No, it’s not dead silent, but get those muffs positioned correctly and wind noise drifts into the background so you can ride and ride and ride.


I’ve ridden with the Quiet Ride on my ST1100, my V-Strom 650, my Vespa 250, and my GS1150. These bikes provide a wide range of wind protection. In all cases the ride was significantly improved by the Quiet Ride helmet.


For a very quiet ride, blow the bladders up so the muffs surround your ears. For a slightly less quiet ride inflate the bladders halfway. For a normal (noisy) ride, like you get with your present helmet (and I don’t care if you paid $150 or $750) don’t blow up the bladders at all.


The Quiet Ride is the motorcycle helmet of the future available right now. I ordered mine and had it two or three days later. I’ve now been using it for several weeks and rarely do I reach for any of the other numerous helmets I have resting on the shelf in my garage.


Bill Simpson
Peapack/Gladstone, NJ
June 17th 2015

Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet - Ride: 2007 Triumph Tiger 1050 with a MRA windscreen

Upon receiving the helmet I noticed it had very nice detailed packaging. This would be good for someone that doesn’t know anything about the helmet and how it would differ from other helmets.


Once I removed the helmet from the box I looked over the helmet. Helmet has a very nice fit and finish. The actuation of visor was noticeably very positive meaning moving the visor up and down was not vague like other helmets…it clicked into position and firmly closed around the seal. The pump on the front of the helmet looked out of place but that’s just because there has not been a helmet like this to my knowledge.


The routing of the cable for the headset out the back of the helmet was done very well. Most situations the cable just falls out of the helmet because they are not routed through a cable carrier like this helmet… again a very nice touch.


The remaining materials seem to be high quality. The helmet has a very high gloss black. It is my understanding that other colors will be available later in production.


One note that I did not like about the helmet was the stickers on the helmet. The name of the helmet Quiet Ride Helmet is found not only above the visor but on both sides and they are larger decals. The decals have a clear coat over them so removing them is not an option. One above the visor would be enough… but I would assume that since this is early production it is for product recognition.


The helmet sizing for me is spot on with other manufactures. I wear a size XL with HJC and Shoei and this helmet fits my head the same. The main problem with the helmet for me is putting it on. I find that I have to maneuver the helmet around and pull on my ears a lot to get my ears seated in the muff properly. Now while I put this as a negative, the benefits far outweigh that small inconvenience. Around town I don’t necessarily I feel the need for this type of helmet…mainly because it works really, really well. I kind of like to hear the traffic around me and my own motorcycle when riding around town. I am not knocking this helmet for around town, it functions very well in town, just my personal preference.


But let me get to the meat and potatoes of this review…what I feel this helmet was made for. I commute 100 miles on I-40 for work. I ride a 2007 Triumph Tiger 1050 with a MRA windscreen. I love my bike but it is not quiet on the highway. I have rode with 3 different HJC helmets using ear plugs and ear buds for music….neither are easy to use when putting on a helmet. I have also ridden with a Shoei Qwest (known as a quiet helmet) and a UClear HBC200 bluetooth module. The HJC is fine for around town but you will go deaf on the highway. The Shoei was 100x better than the HJC but very difficult to hear the music on the UClear speakers and still significant wind noise.


The Quiet Ride Helmet is game changing on the highway. The best way I can describe it is flying in a passenger jet as opposed to riding on the wing. Yes you can still hear the wind rushing by but it is negligible. And you can hear your music with ease without cranking it way up. The muffs seal around your ear but still allow you to hear outside noises (horns/sirens) without the mind numbing sound of wind in your ears. The only thing I would like to suggest is a little higher quality speaker in the muff. I am a bit of an audiophile but at this point I am splitting hairs. Overall all I can say about the Quiet Ride Helmet on the highway is amazing!!!! I have never been happier with a helmet in my life.


Alvin Halfaker has been very responsive when I have had any questions and I feel that he represents the company very well. I will certainly buy an off road version for my KTM 950SE for those longer off road rides.


Overall, great fit and finish great performance, great company, and honestly a tremendous value for what you get. You will not be disappointed with a Quiet Ride Helmet.


Darrin Blackman
Flagstaff, Arizona
May 27th 2015

Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face helmet - Ride: 2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic

My husband bought me the Quite Ride Full faced helmet last week. Several weeks ago we took a 2 day ride on our Harley using the ¾ Helmet, needless to say, my ears were hurting .  So we were excited to make our purchase for the Quiet Ride helmet and give it a try.


Yesterday I used the Quiet Ride Helmet for several hours of bike riding.  The fact that my ears feel fine and great today are a testimony to how well this helmet works.  We rode Interstate part of the way and the noise did not bother me.


Was surprised at just how much it actually dimmed the motorcycle noise .  I was able to hook up my iphone to the speaker and listen to my music. Has a great stereo sound.


I wasn’t sure how I would enjoy a full faced helmet after using the ¾, but I can honestly say I did not mind it all. Matter of fact, I like the way it fits. It’s a secure fit but allows me to open the visor whenever I want to let more air in.


I will recommend this helmet to my friends.  I love my Quiet Ride Full faced helmet.

Joyce Miller
Sarasota, Florida
May 26th 2015

Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face helmet - Ride: 2015 Moto Guzzi V7 II Stone

People are funny: if we had jobs running tractors or mowers, jackhammers or stamping presses, we’d wear the toughest hearing protection we could afford. Who wants to go deaf for a paycheck? But tell motorcyclists, snowmobilers or rock concertgoers they ought to wear earplugs, and most will look at you like you just don’t get it. Somehow, when we’re having fun, hearing loss is supposed to be fun, too.


I ordered a Quiet Ride fiberglass full-face helmet because I know I’ve already lost as much hearing as I care to lose to motorcycle engine and wind noise, not to mention all those rock ‘n’ roll years… My inner ears just plain hurt sometimes, as they used to after playing bar gigs. Honestly, I would have bought a Quiet Ride a year ago, but the choice of black or black clashed with another of my ATGATT scruples: Be Seen. But I’m about to leave on my first cross-continent motorcycle ride, and the thought of 3,200 miles of ear pain made the decision for me. I decided to get a Quiet Ride and have it repainted or give it a reflective-tape makeover. (Still not sure which; I’ll be blogging at stonetheroad.com and posting pics.)


The helmet arrived last week. Just like the website copy says, now I’m leaving my earplugs at home. Actually, I’m not sure I could fit them in; the Quiet Ride in large is a slightly tighter fit than my large Shoei RF-1000. But it’s a GOOD fit, and when the earmuffs close on my head, I feel I’m combining hearing protection with the custom fit of one of those inflate-to-fit helmets.


I have some quibbles with my Quiet Ride — I’ll blog in detail later, if folks want more info — but quibbles are little things. The GREAT thing is… quiet. Yes, for those of you who worry, I can hear the 18-wheeler coming up behind me. But no, I don’t have to hear gear, valve and chain noise sizzling in my ears, or feel the boom-boom of airflow helmet buffeting as so many little punches to the eardrum. It’s quiet and peaceful in there, and riding is an unmixed pleasure again.


Anyone who is concerned about hearing loss — which ought to be everyone — should try a Quiet Ride Helmet. There’s nothing else like it. Unfortunately, we all like to think we’re going to be 25 forever, so too few riders are likely to try a Quiet Ride before they’ve already suffered significant hearing loss. But if you know you’re not hearing everything you used to — or if you’re one of those rare folks who think ahead to prevent hearing loss — you owe it to yourself to put one of these on, pump the earmuffs snug and hear how comfortably, safely quiet motorcycling can be.


Please forgive the long post; I’m a writer by trade, and it’s harder to be brief than to let it fly.

William Craig
Thetford Center, Vermont
May 19th 2015

Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet - Ride: 2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 900

I just got the new helmet today. Not only does it look awesome but it functions just as good as it looks. I went from a $60 dollar Bilt helmet where I couldn’t hear myself think to this helmet and it being quiet. The freeway sound level is way better and I can hear my music nice and clear and at a manageable level. I have already recommended this to my coworkers and would definitely recommend it to anyone else. Thanks for making a great product.

Greg Butler
San Luis Obispo, California
May 1st, 2015

Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face helmet - Rides: BMW F650GS & 2006 GL 1800 Goldwing

I received the helmet this afternoon.  Thanks for the fast service!  The fit was just right.


Here is my early review:
After looking over the helmet and practicing with the air bladder, I went for a ride on my BMW F650GS with no fairing and a minimal windscreen.  Please understand that know I am probably more critical about noise than most.  Being a musician with severe hearing loss, I am trying to protect my remaining hearing while still enjoying bike riding (in spite of the noise).  My first concern was the amount of noise that I still heard, especially buffeting.  After a few miles, however, I realized that while still present, the wind and buffeting sound was significantly reduced from my old helmet without earplugs.  I am going on a 12 day riding adventure in the Alps this June on a similar bike.  I will still need to use ear plugs along with the bladder cups for noise reduction (and hearing preservation).  For me it will take both to get the noise level I need on this style bike.  It is clear that I do not need to ride a “naked” bike anymore with my hearing loss.


My second test was on my 2006 GL1800 Goldwing with a tall windscreen.  What a pleasure it was riding with your helmet on that bike!!  The lack of noise was bliss.  I felt your bladder ear cups were all the noise reduction I will ever need on the “wing”.  Since I do most of my riding on this bike, your noise reduction is much appreciated.

Don McSwain
Fayetteville, GA
April 27th 2015

Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face helmet - Ride: 2013 Suzuki M90

I ordered my Quiet Ride Helmet in March.  I was quite happy to see the helmet arrive here in Alberta in less than a week and happier still to see how great the Carbon Fiber helmet actually looks. As you can imagine, I wanted to get this baby on my head to see if the noise reduction would really be as noticeable as I had hoped.  You see, I commute 2.5 hours one way a couple of times a week. I don’t mind the ride but the sound just completely tires me out. Furthermore, I needed to be able to talk to clients while on my commute.


My impression: I can assure you that the helmet is absolutely comfortably quiet. I’m able to listen to music at a reasonable volume and take calls when needed. I would recommend this helmet to anyone. I do hope that Quiet Ride will come out with a hybrid model sometime soon as I’ve gotten used to the convenience of letting some air in when I’m at a red light. Awesome helmet guys!


Max Dufour
Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

April 26th 2015

Quiet Ride Motocross Helmet - Ride: KX450F A-class MX motocross racer

I’ve had this helmet for about a month now and have used it over the course of 3 Saturdays with 4-5 motos each day. This is a light weight, DOT approved helmet that looks sharp and really is quiet. The fit with the built in ear muffs is very comfortable and snug around my head.


The helmet actually looks like one of the other popular MX helmet brands out there but with a different label. My Scott and Fox brand goggles fit well with this helmet and the ear muffs are recessed deep into the shell of the helmet for a secure, no nonsense fit. I can still hear my KX450F and the sounds of other bikes near me but it isn’t nearly as loud as it used to be and I don’t get ringing in my ears at the end of the day anymore.


The built in pump is handy but I don’t use it much, I don’t need to. My only comment is that I had to trim the strap because it was a couple inches longer than necessary so it would flap against the side of the helmet at speed. I shortened the strap and all is fine now. With a regular helmet, I never would have heard the strap flapping against the helmet.


Friends tried the helmet on and a lot of them liked the built in speakers and blue tooth. I find the music to be distracting when I’m on an MX track but they do work well and sound great.


Chris Sugdinis
Cheval, Florida
April 24th 2015

Quiet Ride Full Face Helmet - Rides: Suzuki Hayabusa and Victory Cross Country

I spend a lot of time in helmets during the year, taking the Carbon Fiber Full Face Quiet Ride helmet out of the box was a treat.  It’s a beautiful helmet!


I had a couple hours of daylight left the day it arrived so I decided to take it for a ride.  I was concerned about fit since we all know how that goes with helmets, I put the helmet on and was pleasantly surprised, I had a perfect fit.  I reached up and my hand found the inflation bulb like I had reached for it a thousand times before.  I began to inflate the ear diaphragms and my smile grew in proportion.  I quickly deflated the ear muffs and inflated them once again, WOW, this is nice I thought to myself. 


It was time for a ride after removing the face shield decal and trimming the chin strap to fit I put the helmet back on and set out on the ride.  I had just completed a 2065 mile ride taking seven days and the memories of that ride fresh in my mind and all I can say is I wish I had this helmet on that ride!! It’s lightweight, comfortable, easy to use, the style of chinstrap is a great feature and very easy to use. 


The noise reduction is very impressive, it is as advertised.  I work with Active noise reduction headsets in flying jet aircraft and the noise reduction experienced with this helmet is very similar.  It may take the rider some time to adjust to the new quiet environment but it is well worth it and the reduction in fatigue is great.  The speakers in the ear muffs are good, I’m a bit of an audiophile so I was hoping for a little more but you get full sound and the music doesn’t have to be blasting to hear it.  If Quiet Ride can integrate a push button sun visor it will take this helmet from a 9.5 to a perfect 10.


I recommend this helmet to anyone looking for a quieter environment in an easy to use helmet that is very comfortable and lightweight. Thanks Quiet Ride!!

Jason Palmer
Reno, Nevada
April 11th, 2015

Quiet Ride Motocross Helmet - Rides: 2014 Arctic Cat XF7000 long tracked t 153", primarily off-trail/mountain riding

My Quiet Ride helmet is the quietest helmet I have ever owned! The pump is quick and easy to use, just 4-5 pumps to seat the ear muffs. The deflator valve makes it easy to regulate the bladder pressure to a comfortable level.


Bill Jacobson
Burlington, Washington
April 6th, 2015

Quiet Ride Motocross Helmet

I significantly reduced my motorcycle riding due to ringing in my ears (tinnitus) as the wind noise was just too loud.  I have worn both custom and foam ear plugs, but they just weren’t enough. I have been looking for years for something more.  I finally found it, my Quiet Ride helmet.  I still use foam plugs, but now the ear muffs will block out much of the rest of the noise.  Plus, you can dial-it-in.  I pump up the air pressure when riding fast, then reduce it around town.  Work great!


John McSwain
San Jose, CA
February 21st, 2015

Quite Ride Full Face Helmet

Well, winter gave us a break, so I was able to get out and do some riding. I picked up one of your fiberglass full face helmets at the Minneapolis International Bike Show. When I got it home I set it up to my phone. This was an easy process and did not take long.


I put the helmet on and pumped up the air bladders and took off on my ride. I put on about 60 miles. I ride without a wind shield and I rode interstate and side roads. The helmet does everything that is advertised and more. It cuts down the wind noise way more than I expected. There are some other great aspects of this helmet. Going down the road the helmet stays put and does not bobble at all in the wind.


It also vents very well. With the shield open one notch it lets a lot of air in and the bottom of the shield is still out of your sight area. This will be good on the hot days. This was just one short ride with this helmet and I am anxious to get some more miles on the helmet.

Jeff DeVille
Watertown, South Dakota
March 15, 2015