Installation Instructions

Quiet Ride Ear Muffs Helmet Speaker Installation

For all those people who wish their helmet speakers worked well at speed it is now possible for your helmet speakers to work very well at speed if placed inside Quiet Ride ear noise reduction muffs installed in a motorcycle or snowmobile helmet.


For the wearer of helmet it means exterior noise entering your ears will be 50% less with Quiet Ride Ear Muffs installed in helmet. If wearer installs helmet speakers in the Quiet Ride Ear Muffs he or she can expect their helmet speakers to perform with sound encapsulated inside earmuffs providing superior sound quality.


Ear muff comes with 3/4″ tape on ear muff pad half on ABS washer and half on ear muff base cup. Electrician tape over ear muff pad and ear muff cup is there for two reasons. One, when you put helmet on and off tape will not allow ear muff pad to peel off of ABS washer it is stuck to.
Second, ear muff is quieter with electrician tape added. It seals connection seam between ABS washer and pad that is snapped onto ABS cup. Remove 3/4″ electrician tape from ear noise reduction muff.
Drill hole in cream colored ABS cup right below black ABS washer with small drill that is the same size as speaker line that will pass through ear noise reduction muff.
Next separate ABS washer and pad that snaps onto ABS cup using pliers style tool above.
Drilled hole in ABS washer.
Wire cutter or knife works well to make slot in ABS washer for speaker wire entrance.
Hole widened to accept speaker wire
Wire cutter or knife works well to make slot in ABS cup for speaker wire entrance.
Hole widened to accept speaker wire.

Speaker placement in ear muff
Install speakers on left side of cup and on right side of cup for left and right side ear muff so you will have room for outer ear flap to fit inside of ear muff without touching speaker. Use Velcro to install speakers in proper location in ear muffs.
Snap ear muff pads back onto ear muff cup.

When you snap ear muffs back together with speakers installed and 3/4″ electricians tape reinstalled there probably will be an air gap around speaker line coming through ear muff. You should use a little Goop put on finger and smeared around speaker line at hole to seal against air and sound leak.

Before smearing Goop silicone around speaker line coming through hole put tap over muff pad air vent hole to protect vent hole from Goop. See picture on right.
Picture above of motocross helmet shows speaker in right and left ear muffs in proper location in ear muff so ear flap will slip in behind speakers.
If you wear a balaclava, it is important to take a scissors and cut a slot for your ears to stick out of balaclava. The ear muff pads will seal better around your ears when this is done. Your ears will still stay nice and warm inside ear muffs in severe cold weather.