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Sound level chart information

sound level chart information

The BLACK line shows wearing a full face or modular helmet does not protect a motorcycle rider's hearing when traveling over 35 mph (56 kph). Exposure to wind sound levels above 35 mph for extended periods of time per day will require wearing ear plugs or noise reduction earmuffs to protect from permanent damage to hearing

The GREEN line shows wearing Quiet Ride original passive noise reduction earmuffs inside a full face or a modular helmet reduces wind and engine sound level by 10 dB to 12 dB at various speeds and allows motorcycle rider to cruise up to 55 mph for 8 hours per day without risking damage to hearing or cruise up to 65 mph for 2 hours without risking damage to hearing.

The PURPLE line at the bottom of the chart shows wearing a helmet with Bose Quietcomfort ANC earbuds inside Quiet Ride noise reduction earmuffs reduces sound levels at ears another 10 dB for an average 20 dB noise reduction versus wearing a helmet. This translates into a 75% noise reduction at all speeds versus wearing a helmet without earmuffs and allows a rider to cruise up to 65 mph without any restriction to sound levels at ears per day according to the WHO and OSHA recommendations for sound level exposure per 24 hours.

If you suffer from tinnitus a 75% noise reduction in your ears should allow you to continue riding your motorcycle without further damaging your hearing. If you do not have tinnitus wearing a helmet that reduces wind and engine sound levels by 75% should protect you from getting tinnitus.

The recommendation for sound level exposure per 24 hours on the right side of the chart was obtained from the World Health Organization website showing when hearing damage begins to occur www.noisehelp.com/noise-dose.html



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