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Pad Design for Quiet Ride Ear Muffs
made by
Evens Industries Inc. - Manufacturer of high performance Ear Seals

Evans Industries, Inc., Canton, Ohio, specialized in silicone gel filled ear seals over foam using a thermoplastic polyurethane cover. Silicone gel filled ear seals are covered with a tough, versatile, high performance material called thermoplastic polyurethane.

Cross section quality gel/memory foam pad

Cross section quality gel/memory foam pad

Commercial and military pilots use Evans Industries gel filled ear pads as they last up to five years, and must endure hot and cold temperature extremes as well as long term exposure to skin oil, an unexpectedly aggressive substance. These cushions use thermoplastic polyurethane cover over a foam pad, to give them the durability and toughness they require.

Snowmobile and motorcycle helmets take a lot of abuse. They can be left outside where they are exposed to extreme temperatures. The ear muff pad must be strong, impervious to substances such as skin oils, and stay soft and comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Thermoplastic polyurethane is the only material that will remain flexible and reliable under these conditions. Vinyl covered cushions become hard and brittle.

1/4 over pink styrofoam.
Tough bottom flat surface 15 mil thermoplastic polyurethane ready to attach to ABS ear muff cup.

This gel filled ear seal offers superior comfort and fit around eyeglasses and an exceptional seal around the ear cavity. The gel transfers the soft feel thru the very thin thermoplastic polyurethane covering. Thermoplastic polyurethane has tensile strength up to 10,000 psi. Thermoplastic polyurethane is the material of choice
for low temperature flexibility down to -40°F.

Even Industry Inc gel-foam pad installed on Quiet Ride Ear Muff


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