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Dangers of wearing ear plugs
Dangers of wearing ear plugs

Wearing earplugs for long periods of time can cause painful ear infections.
Some people wear earplugs to protect their ears from being damaged by exposure to loud noises, while others wear earplugs during swimming to prevent water from entering the ear canal and causing pain. Elastic and viscous earplugs are compressed prior to insertion, expanding to provide a snug fit. Solid earplugs, usually worn by musicians, are custom made to fit the user's ear canal. Typically, wearing earplugs provides a safe way of blocking out bothersome noise. However, using earplugs improperly can lead to several risks.
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  1. PAIN

    • Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopeidas warns that pushing earplugs deeply into the external ear canal causes pain. Inserting them too far leads to an increase in air pressure inside the canal, which pushes against the eardrum and causes pain, especially when the earplugs are made from expandable foam. When using foam earplugs, squeeze them before inserting them into your ears. Similarly, when earplugs are yanked out of the ear canal, the negative air pressure pulls at the eardrum, which also results in pain. Avoid pain and discomfort by gently twisting the earplugs until they emerge safely and comfortably out of your ear.


    • Ear specialists at eardoc.info warn earplug users of the possibility of developing an infection. Earplugs that carry bacteria and viruses will cause an infection when used for long periods of time. Symptoms of an ear infection include an earache and yellow discharge coming out of ears, which typically results from a burst eardrum. To reduce your risk of developing a conductive ear infection or an inner ear infection, purchase disposable earplugs and discard them after each use. Or, use hypoallergenic earplugs and special disinfecting solutions to clean them after each wear. Always seek advice from a medical professional if you think you may be suffering from an ear infection.


    • Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias suggests that using earplugs for long periods of time often causes earwax to accumulate and obstruct the outer ear by blocking its normal flow. When earwax builds up in the outer ear, it may cause discomfort, infection, discharge or even hearing loss. Always remove built-up earwax from your ears and sanitize earplugs using water and a mild soap. Avoid using foam earplugs that can host pathogenic bacteria, which will cause an infection from repeated exposure.



About Quiet Ride Ear Muffs
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Dangers of wearing ear plugs
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